Triangles as notes on the soul's score
Through a series of illustration I examine the deep relationship between the man and his soul touching from time to time different themes. These works are characterized by sluglike and undefined bodies and by materials that somehow recall the passing of time. When looking at them it seems to see raindrops slide down their bodies, scanning the passing of time, melting the shapes, up to crystallize under the rust or under the patina feelings that darken the heart, hopes to be awaited or battles to win. These are bodies sculpted in triangular polygons, which get closer, rotate, are disassembled and are reconstituted until forming bodies of men and women victims of misunderstandings, of worries, supported by hope, afraid of a long goodbye and locked in a thick armor. They narrate complicated moments just through their bodies and not through their expressions or the eyes of their faceless figures.

The waits | 2020 | print Giclée on certificated baryte paper

20x30 cm | edition of 50  ---  53x80 cm | edition of 8 --- 80x120 cm edition of 3

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