This series of works is dedicated to the "non-finito" of Michelangelo. The work talks the artistic approach of the author that starting from polygonal shapes at computer he gets to create abstract shapes or realistic figure. Like Michelangelo he tries to unravel already hidden works between the folds of those triangules from wich he often starts. The "NONFINITO" is a link between the figure coming out of that block of triangules and the human spirit trying to get rid of flesh to aspire to a higher spirituality and pursuit of perfection.
NonFinito (subject 1) | 2019 | Resin Jesmonite white natural | edition: 9+IV | dimensions: 45x25x18 cm
NonFinito (subject 2) | 2020 | Sintetic resin white natural | edition: 9+IV | dimensions: 40x25x18 cm
NonFinito (subject 3) | 2021 | 3D print PLA | edition: 9+IV | dimensions: 49x30x19 cm
NonFinito (subject 4) | 2022 | Last wax aluminium | edition: 5+II | dimensions: 100x30x20 cm
NonFinito (subject 5) | 2022 | Last wax bronze | edition: 8+IV | dimensions: 40x23x16 cm
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